Monday, February 6, 2023



After a month’s hiatus BOBSERVATIONS returns with some religious observations – or rather Bobservations.
Many years ago, when visiting Mexico City, I took a local “Grey Line” bus tour of the city.  One of the stops was a prominent local Catholic church to view the splendor of the architecture and the sanctuary.  That day in the sanctuary parishioners were hard at work polishing the gold and silver in the statuary, artwork and fixtures.  Outside on the steps of the church poor individuals with a variety of illnesses and deformities were begging for coins.
While I acknowledge the good works, in terms of social welfare and charity, done by churches, church groups and religious individuals, I very seriously believe that in the history of mankind more evil than good has been done in the name of a god or God or religion – up to and including the damage done to American freedom, democracy and values today by the fake Christian so-called “Evangelicals” of the racist and repressive Religious Right.
Too many Americans who call themselves “Christian” today have no concept of, and do not believe or follow, the actual teachings of Christ.  They use and distort religion and the Bible to justify and legitimize their prejudices and bigotry.

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