Tuesday, September 28, 2021



+ Did you know that Walton’s Mountain was originally Spencer’s Mountain?

The popular 1970s tv show “The Waltons” was actually based on the 1963 movie “Spencer’s Mountain”, from the 1961 novel of the same name, both written by Earl Hamner, Jr, who also created and narrated the tv series.

The movie starred Henry Fonda and Maureen O’Hara as the prolific parents and James MacArthur (Danno from the original “Hawaii 5-0”) as elder son Clayboy (John-Boy in “The Waltons”).

Spencer’s Mountain was in Wyoming, while Walton’s Mountain was in Virginia.

BTW, Earl Hamner Jr also wrote the screenplay for the 1963 “Where the Boys Are” clone “Palm Springs Weekend”, which starred Troy Donahue, Stefanie Powers, Robert Conrad, Ty Hardin, and Connie Stevens.  Instead of the beaches of Fort Lauderdale this movie takes place in the California desert.

And EH Jr also created the tv soap “Falcon Crest”.


+ Do you need any proof that Trump is, was, and has always been an unethical businessman?   

Here is a real-life example from what one of my 1040 clients told me back in 2015 during Trump’s candidacy for President -

In 2002 the client purchased an apartment at one of the Trump Place buildings in New York City.

At closing, there were three layers – my client, the Trump Organization (the builder/developer) and a bank (Trump's construction financing bank - not the client’s bank, as it was an all-cash deal).  There was about an $1,100 difference in a 6-figure deal.

For almost an hour and a half, the bank's lawyer kept cajoling my client to try and get a wire transfer to the bank done for the small amount.  The Trump lawyer suggested that the client write a check in the full amount to Trump and they would in turn write a check to the bank for their portion.  Since 90% of the money was to go to the bank and only 10% to Trump, the Bank did not feel comfortable at all for any money going to Trump. The bank’s lawyer suggested that they could not trust Trump.

The client was later told that Trump always ended up shorting his sub-contractors by 5 to 10% and didn't care if they sued - ultimately, they settled, taking a 5%+ haircut and Trump always came out ahead.


+ I thank God every day that there was no Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. when I was a child and teen-ager.


+ When checking the credentials of Republican candidates for Congress today only two questions are asked by Party leaders.

Are you a moron?

Do you have a conscience?

If they answer yes to the first and no to the second, they qualify.

The only question true conservative and “traditional” Republican voters need to ask is –

Do you oppose, denounce and disavow Trump and his lies?

-      and they must only support and vote for those who answer yes.



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